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Month: January 2020

5 Creative Ways to Implement WhatsApp in Your Business

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The question small business owners are asking now is: How can I use WhatsApp for business? Let's look at 5 creative ways to implement WhatsApp in your business. 1) Using WhatsApp for internal team communication Whenever we try to implement any new internal communication tools at  Profit Books Opening in a new window  , we got resistance from employees. People are reluctant to "learn" new things. The best thing about WhatsApp is that almost everyone uses it and requires no training. Another advantage is that I don't need to explicitly ask the team to check WhatsApp as they are linked to it. We form sales and development team groups on WhatsApp and share instant messaging for which email is not required. It is fast and fun to use. WhatsApp Web makes it even easier to type me

WhatsApp Status and Features Of WhatsApp 2020

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WhatsApp Status & Latest Features 2020: WhatsApp is an App used for Communication among Individuals and Companies. People Use to Share their Ideas, Covey Messages, Important Calls and also a Great Feature of Video Call. We Can share Images, Text messages, Voice Messages and also Audio Video File To One an other. So Now in 2020 it is very helpful and less costly to interact with friends, family and Individuals. We can Chat with Friends, make a Plan with Video chat, Share memories by Images and also communicate with foreigners in easy and convenient Way. Whatsapp has a lot of Features Among Them Some Are Mentioned As below; WhatsApp Status: This is Most important feature of WhatsApp same as Facebook Stories. We can Share Our Views, Images and Videos of 30Sec with Other Friends...

100+ Best Urdu Poetry Status

Urdu Poetry Status
ہر اک سے پوچهتے پهر تے ہیں تیرے خانہ بدوش عذاب ِدربدری کس کے گهر میں رکها جائے مٹا دیا مرے ساقی نے عالم من و تو پلا کے مجھ کو مے لا الہ الا ھو شوق تیرے نے بخشی ہے یہ سوغات مسلسل تیرا ذکر ، تیری بات مسلسل میں محبت میں اس مقام پہ ہوں جہاں میری ذات میں رہتی ہے ، تیری ذات مسلسل

100+ Best WhatsApp Status All in One Status

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Best Whatsapp Status: Whatsapp Status describe the Personality of a Person. It is the Best way to express your Emotions, behavior, Happiness or Mood. People Looks For Good Whatsapp status To Use and Here we Provide Stunning Status Stock For Public in Form of Text, Videos, and Images. Just Read It and Enjoy also Keep sharing With Friends. For our readers we’ve prepared 100 unique and latest whatsapp Status quotes. Read all of them and chose best one for your own whatsapp messenger. 100+ Updated Status: Tears are words the heart can't express. There is no worse sorrow than remembering the happiness in the day of pain. I will be back before you. Wow now I’m a graduate…….Now thermometer is not the only thing that has degrees without brains . Don’t be too optimistic.

1000+ Best Love Whatsapp Status

Love Whatsapp Status
BEST LOVE WHATSAPP STATUS: Hi Guys today I am going to share with you a Short Cute Love Whatsapp Status and Love Quotes in English and Hindi.There are Million of People who can use a Whatsapp Messenger.They also need a Cute Whatsapp status about love and Lovely Quotes for Facebook and Whatsapp.So that is why I am Publish these Cute Status Collection With you in Hindi Punjabi Languages.You can also get the cute love status for him and Cute love status for her. I Love My Life, Because It is You :) I fell in Love But Still not Insane Never Cry For me, it Will hurt my Soul Love is like a Air ..We can't see it but! we can feel it.. Love is that which ,cannot see the poorness... Love in Life ,Make the life beautiful.. Love looks not with the eyes, but with the Heart. In life I nee...