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WhatsApp Status and Features Of WhatsApp 2020

WhatsApp Status & Latest Features 2020:


WhatsApp is an App used for Communication among Individuals and Companies. People Use to Share their Ideas, Covey Messages, Important Calls and also a Great Feature of Video Call. We Can share Images, Text messages, Voice Messages and also Audio Video File To One an other. So Now in 2020 it is very helpful and less costly to interact with friends, family and Individuals. We can Chat with Friends, make a Plan with Video chat, Share memories by Images and also communicate with foreigners in easy and convenient Way. Whatsapp has a lot of Features Among Them Some Are Mentioned As below;

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WhatsApp Status:

This is Most important feature of WhatsApp same as Facebook Stories. We can Share Our Views, Images and Videos of 30Sec with Other Friends, Family, and Contacts. We don’t have To Send Them that Image, text, Video or Visuals. Just upload Your status and all your Contacts Having Whatsapp will get that Status and You will be Informed everyone Who Will see that Story or Status.

This is Very Helpful To share your ideas, Your Images of particular Occasion, Videos and Text. Any Person who Will check that Story may also can Send you Reply or Feedback About it. You Can Update unlimited status at on time. That Feature is Full of enjoyment and absolutely free. So What Are You Waiting For? Try This and Upload a Status To show your Friends What your are Doing or What you thinking about.

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Voice Calls:

Whatsapp Voice Calls are utmost Important and was difficult before Whatsapp. That was Quite difficult and expensive for Public to Convey Their message to Loved ones Before Whatsapp. It helps to make a Voice call in Country as well as abroad With any charges. You Just need an Internet Connection to make a Voice Call to Others despite of it that They are in your Country or You Calling Abroad.

It makes The world Really a Global Home So that every one can stay in Touch with Others without any barriers. Making a Voice Call is very easy, You just need the Mobile Number (Sim Number) of the Recipient and Internet Connection. If you have all these, You are just a Tap away from your Loved Ones. So, Hold tight and make a Call to Connect with Friends.

Whatsapp Status

Free Video Calls:

Another Stunning feature of Whatsapp is That we can make a video Call with Friends. This facility ends up the Distances of Hundred’s Miles. Now We can make a Call With Friends and Family and even Group Video Calls Possible Too. You can engage a meeting using this Feature and Also make Conference Call with friends to Enjoy Happy Moments.
There is No any Service Charges or Hidden fee to make a Video call. You can use It if you have a Good Internet Connection. WhatsApp is also Improving The Quality of Video Day by day, So you can stay in touch with others having Zero Trouble.

Best WhatsApp status

WhatsApp Groups:

You can Build a Community Having Same Thoughts By WhatsApp Group. It is Easy To Connect With a Specific Community and To get all Information about It. The best Use of Social Media is To get Information globally and share your Views on Trends. You Can promote Your Business by Making a WhatsApp group.
There is No fee Or charges Regarding to Create a WhatsApp Group. It is Purely Free for all. You Can use it for Promotion of Business, Building a Community, Making Fun with Friends, Sharing Information between Class mates, and any Custom Group You want to interact With. The founder of Group is Admin and has the Authority to Add or Remove any member in the Group Due to Violation of Group Rules and regulations.

Best urdu Whatsapp Status

Business WhatsApp:

WhatsApp introduced new Features Specifically Developed For Business Promotion. If You are Running a Business and Needs Client To approach, Whatsapp Business is best Option For You. It is 2020 Now and Every one has easy access to Digital Media and Social Platforms. You can introduce your Product in Social Market.

This Feature will increase your Social Reach and will Help You To Grow Fast and get More clients than Traditional methods of Product Selling. You Can Create Groups and Also Can Promote your product by Whatsapp business.

Social Platform:

Whatsapp is full of Fun and has lot of Awesome Features. We can Share our Ideas by using Whatsapp Status. The best Thing is That we can Chat with friends individually or in Group, Share informative links and Videos full of Great Knowledge. The sharing of Necessary Documents is also Very easy and Fast. Now a days, Whatsapp is Owned by World’s Biggest Social Media Network Facebook.

Best Status for Whatsapp 2020

Status Stuff:

Everyone want to Update status in Whatsapp but the Trouble is That to Find a Good Quote, Poetry or a Video is Very hard. Peoples search for Many Greetings and Wishes Quote For particular Occasion or Event. Mostly the don’t get Satisfied for what the Get. This Site is great Source For providing latest WhatsApp Status. It Will include all Wishes, Events, Fun, Motivational Quotes, Sad Status, Love Status, Songs Status, and Much More That You are looking for.

We Update New Status Daily, So Stay in Touch With us To get Best and Great Whatsapp Status.
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